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Step into a healthier future for your feet and for your entire body!


We are the proud founders of a young and driven company with a passion for handmade and completely natural products. Our first offering, the custom-made and all-natural barefoot shoes under our own brand ByTradition, are now available . We have thoroughly enjoyed wearing our shoes for a significant period of time and are determined to share this unique experience with you.


While it may require abandoning conventional ideas about what makes a good shoe, our shoes offer unique benefits with a flat sole, toe clearance, air circulation, and grounding. Lightweight and shaped to the contours of your foot, our shoes offer a different and pleasant walking experience, actively involving all muscles. The shoes consist of renewable and biodegradable materials and are therefore not harmful to the environment. Although such shoes are not common in regular stores, we are convinced that these properties are essential for a healthy gait and natural movement. That is why we are introducing these shoes, with a contemporary design under our own brand, to contribute to the restoration of this natural and self-evident choice as it once was.


In our Blog about shoes we delve deeper into the concept of natural walking and its impact on our body. We invite you to become curious and take the time to read our blog. An even more effective approach is to personally experience how different natural walking can be. Consider purchasing a pair of our shoes and wearing them for a month so you can discover for yourself the impact wearing natural barefoot shoes has on both your feet and the rest of your body.


We hope that our products bring you as much pleasure as they do for us, and we are always curious about your experiences. If you have any questions or tips, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Adrienne and Boudewijn


ByTradition natural barefoot shoes:

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