Collection: Large garden tools

We offer handmade and copper products to properly grow and care for plants, indoors and outdoors. It is good for our health to eat fruit and vegetables from plants that have been able to grow in the open ground and open air based on rainwater and sun. Such vegetables contain many minerals and energy.

For example, we offer traditional handmade copper garden tools from the family business OJ Bron, founded by Tina and Tomaž Kvasnik. They were inspired by the work of Viktor Schauberger. With his research, this Austrian has greatly contributed to creating awareness about the importance of using copper garden tools.

Below is a description of the positive effects of using copper tools on plants:
-Increase the resistance of plants
-Increase life potential
-Enriches the earth with rare elements
-Prevent infection of plants
-Fend off slugs and snails
-Alkalising of the surface (substrate): basic and oxygen-rich
-Enabling the development of cell membranes in plants
-Ionization of surface water: splitting water molecules into H+ (acid) and (base) OH- ions for healthy water.

Because these bronze tools last a long time, OJ Bron offers a 12-year warranty on metal parts. The tools are spark-free and non-static. They do not rust and have a low coefficient of friction. Slovenian wood is used for the traditionally made handles in collaboration with a specialist from the Poljane Valley at Škofja Loka in Slovenia, who focuses on sustainable logging and controlled processing of the wood. OJ Bron offers a two-year warranty on the wooden handles. Depending on the type of tool, Beech, Ash or Linden wood is used for the different handles.