Collection: Children's shoes - Custom natural and handmade barefoot shoes

Discover our beautiful collection of children's shoes, completely natural and handmade with love. With a natural rubber layer under the sole of 8mm thick buffalo leather, these shoes are also suitable for damp surfaces. In heavy rain, the custom-made shoes do get wet and it takes a while before they dry again.

The children's shoe collection is intended for children up to mid-primary age. For larger sizes of children's shoes you can choose from our collection for adults. Our shoes are lightweight, making them perfect for active children. You can also, with a special request, choose a non-standard color from the color guide or a non-standard sole (for example: with copper rivet and therefore without natural rubber). No special requests are possible for the smallest two sizes of these shoes. Please note the deviation in the exchange policy. If the color or size you want is missing, please feel free to contact us for a special order. This does not affect the price.

The color and leather of the shoe you receive may differ slightly from the photo on the website. This may be due to both the photo itself and slight variations in the natural colors as well as in the leather. The skin of each animal is different in thickness and structure.

Choose quality and healthy growth of your children's feet today - discover our unique children's shoes. If you would like to have this shoe made without natural rubber and with copper, that is possible, except for sizes 21, 22 and 23.

Bytradition natural barefoot shoes

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