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Copper bracelet OJ

Copper bracelet OJ

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The OJ copper bracelet has a triple spiral and consists of electrolytically pure copper. The asymmetrical bracelet can be worn separately where the bracelet adapts to the wrist. Copper helps with your health. For example, it has an anti-inflammatory effect so that pain in the hands, such as in the joints, is prevented or reduced.

The designer is Tomaž Kvasnik from Slovenia. Each bracelet is handmade at OJ Bron, which means there may be minimal deviations in appearance. The bracelet is available in three sizes. The bracelet patinas over time and provides a natural protective layer on the copper that contributes to a long lifespan of the copper. This has no negative effects for the wearer. The color becomes darker. The copper can cause a green spot on the skin. This can easily be wiped off the arm with some water.

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