Collection: Loafers - Custom natural and handmade barefoot shoes

Our Bytradition natural barefoot loafers are ideal as slip-on shoes all year round, from spring to autumn, for a natural walking experience. They have a breathable sole of 8mm thick buffalo leather with a copper rivet pressed into it or a natural rubber sole. These shoes are suitable for everyday use and made of high-quality, soft and breathable calf leather or textile. The seams are hand-stitched with natural, thick cotton thread. With a special request in the comments field, you can choose a non-standard color from the color guide. Please note the deviation in the exchange policy.

The shoes exhibit all four or three of the characteristics described in our Blog , which are collectively unique to our shoes. These features contribute to optimal support for natural walking. We invite you to try them out and experience what it's like to walk naturally. You may not want anything else after that.

The color and leather of the shoe you receive may differ slightly from the photo on the website. This may be due to both the photo itself and slight variations in the natural colors as well as in the leather. Each animal's skin is different in thickness and structure.

Bytradition natural barefoot shoes

Walk naturally, live healthily