Collection: Short zipper boots - Custom natural and handmade barefoot shoes

Our Bytradition natural and handmade barefoot short zip boots are ideal for a natural walking experience, especially from autumn to spring. Thanks to the natural rubber layer under the 8mm thick buffalo leather sole, these shoes are also suitable for damp surfaces. During heavy rain, the custom-made shoes do get wet and it takes a while before they dry again. These shoes are suitable for daily use and made of high-quality breathable calf leather. The seams are hand-stitched with natural, thick cotton thread. You can also, with a special request, choose a non-standard color from the color guide or a non-standard sole (for example: with copper rivet and therefore without natural rubber). Please note the deviation in the exchange policy.

The shoes exhibit three of the four characteristics described in our Blog , which together are unique to our shoes. These properties contribute to optimal support for natural walking and a healthy body. We cordially invite you to try them out and experience what it is like to walk naturally. If you would like to have this shoe made without natural rubber and with copper, that is possible.

Bytradition natural barefoot shoes

Walk naturally, live healthily